Hi. My name is Rob Fay, and I am a gumshoe.

"Gumshoe" refers to a detective, a sleuth. I have a passion for solving the right problems by designing customer-centric organizations and leading like-minded professionals. Design, whether for products or services, impacts multiple stakeholders, and has both intended and unintended consequences. Do you remember the addage "happy wife, happy life"? Well, research suggests that the same is true for the workplace. That is, happy employee, happy customer. Currently, my passion is transforming organizations and leading teams to deliver customer-first solutions. This transformation may be digital in nature, but it starts by impacting culture through strategic efforts.

Design-driven companies outperform others by over 200%! Let's win together. Reach me at design@faymail.com or (240) 455-4586 to discuss or learn more at LinkedIn and Twitter.

What He Does

Rob is a strategic global business professional with over 20 years of business leadership and design experience who identifies market opportunities, develops plans for delivering cohesive customer experiences, and delivers results by leading teams through the research, design and development process. With a systems and design-thinking approach, he is a passionate advocate for the holistic customer experience.

What He Achieves

He is able to connect diverse groups of people and identify and communicate stakeholder information needs to executives, technical staff and customers alike. This combination of specialties gives him an empathic ear for listening, an eye for observation, a desire for collaboration, and a passion for taking complex issues and finding simple solutions to please both customers and shareholders.

His Expertise

Rob has a teaching and counseling background, which serves him well as he seeks to convey the importance of gaining empathy for the customer experience. In addition, with a background in information management and product and service design, he knows what it means to advocate for customer needs and goals, and to make data-driven business decisions that reflect both qualitative and quantitative metrics. Rob holds design thinking, agile, and customer experience certifications and stays current with cutting edge continuous improvement methodologies.